Copus Security Consultants (CSC) has unmatched experience gained from federal law enforcement and over 20 years in the private investigative field.

Harold Copus serves as our Chief Investigator.  He began his professional career working as an auditor for a leading accounting firm.  He later worked for several corporations where he served in various capacities ranging from Director of Accounting to Vice President of Finance of a Fortune 500 company.

Harold left corporate America to pursue a lifelong ambition to be a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He served in several field offices where he gained immeasurable experience in all facets of white collar and general criminal matters.

Harold has applied his business and accounting background along with his F.B.I. expertise to build one of the top private investigative firms in Atlanta.  He works with numerous corporations both domestically and internationally to offer his expertise in corporate fraud, civil and criminal investigations, workplace violence and security related issues.

Harold is extensively interviewed by a number of news, print and radio organizations such as Fox News, CNN, CBS News, ABC News and AOL News for his expertise in matters related to workplace violence, kidnappings, domestic terrorism, white collar crime and general security matters.   

Harold has been involved in numerous high profile matters where his expertise in criminal and investigative matters was sought out by many clients.  He has worked matters involving the Jon Benet Ramsey and Natalie Holloway investigations as well as numerous other cases that have not gained international attention but involved the location and return of missing children.  He attended the first conference created by President Bush on missing, exploited and runaway children at the White House. 

Harold has been recognized by the Georgia Alzheimer's Association for his involvment in developing search protocols for missing adults with Alzheimer's disease.  His work eventually led to the creation of the nationwide alert for these missing adults which is known as "Mattie's Call".

Harold served as the investigator for the Dr. Phil Show for several years and appeared on the show for each assignment.